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Welcome to PolygraphAcademy.com and AmericanPolygraphAcademy.com!

With averaging less than one polygraph examiner available to the public per county in most states, the lie-detection profession can be extremely rewarding to persons possessing 1) accurate knowledge, 2) modern equipment, and 3) business sense. Very few professions have this little competition, and polygraph is the highest-paid-per-hour investigative specialty. Yet twenty-five states require absolutely no licensing of polygraph examiners!

no more roll of paper with moving pens,
it is much faster and easier to learn now

Most states do not have a polygraph academy. In the very few states that do, many are either far away, take eight to ten weeks of your life and cost you $5000 tuition, and/or are not thorough or up to current standards-- and most have NO module involving the BUSINESS of polygraph. Instead, learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office with outstanding full-color education materials (including our comprehensive '50-pound Polygraph Academy In A Box'), or at an accelerated 'boot camp' or seminar/workshop! From learning the key basics, or updating your skills with separate modules on the popular specialties, we are NOT a traditional 'waste-time-to-make-it-take-longer' school or a 'diploma mill'; you are learning this avocational specialty directly hands-on from polygraph examiners who have actually earned a living in the private practice of this profession. Face-to-face polygraph training from a 34+ years polygraph examiner-- who has instructed at multiple polygraph academies, who has tested more than 11,000 persons and who has represented the polygraph profession in more than 1000 TV/radio/newspaper/media events and more than 400 million YouTube views! Many find out: polygraph is much easier than they had thought it would be.

Here are the 4 most popular one-day polygraph seminars/workshops:

#1. Complete Polygraph Fundamentals Refresher

#2. Upgrading from an analog instrument
to a modern computerized instrument

#3. Step-By-Step workshops for any particular
manufacturer and model of computerized instrument

#4. Starting/Improving your Polygraph Business

Start your polygraph business THIS WEEK!
Call 818 883-6969, or please click on any of the icons below:

Seminars and Workshops
Comprehensive Polygraph Training Package
Polygraph Instruments and Supplies
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You decide: A or B? 

1. A) Learn from real working polygraph examiners with a strong business background of high-volume private polygraph exams for the public, or B) learn from persons who have never supported a family with a solid private polygraph business of their own? Secret: most of our attendies had attended a polygraph academy in the past: then unable to find work, and/or lacking confidence in their abilities, come to us for an 'upgrade'.

2. A) Learn which of the four polygraph instrument manufacturers is the best to buy from, or B) hear only what instrument that school says to buy because they receive a 20% commission when you buy one? We have current models from all 4 polygraph manufacturers: we can tell you why one is better than another, and why one to avoid at all costs-- because we are 100% neutral with no manufacturer kick-backs.
3. A) Follow a to-the-point & no-BS study format that can be read and re-read by you whenever you want to, or B) have somebody read far less material TO YOU one time? 

4. A) You choose your learning hours, or B) attend when told?  

5. A) Study only modules that will help you run a proper polygraph business of your own, or B) laugh at the useless hours of junk topics thrown in to stretch it out to meet the 400+hour Workers Compensation and Veterans Benefit class minimum (where they get many students from insurance companies looking to 'dump' them)? Secret: modules like 'History of Lie-Detection (ancient China, American Indians, etc) have NO improvement in your polygraph training.
6. A) Possess top-notch private materials as well as dozens of manuals directly from the US Federal Government's Polygraph Academy, or B) get stuck with the same old handouts used & re-used by private polygraph schools for decades?  

7. A) Learn from non-stop working polygraph examiners, or B) attend where they have more cancelled/vacant 10 week classes every year than they have actual classes held?  

8. A) Start developing your own polygraph website and business on Day 1, or B) spend 10 weeks with a 'teacher' who has never really paid his/her bills as a private polygraph examiner, perhaps explaining why one year later almost none of their past private-party students have a real polygraph business? Did you know this: traditional polygraph academies have NO module on starting or improving your polygraph business.

9. A) Study the basic topics and advanced topics, or B) get only the basic topics while being told to come back later to pay even more for the advanced topics? 

10. A) Learn the basic polygraph fundamentals quickly at a rapid-paced hands-on seminar, or B) spend weeks memorizing useless info meant only to 'fluff out' the hours? 

Many more simple 'choices' like these can be shown (call us for them!), but you have the idea. WE are choice A, 'they' are choice B.

NOTE: we have more than 500 polygraph webpages nationwide working to attract work for our people; ask your 'other training choice' what they will be doing to try to bring you work when you finish! (Here's their answer: NOTHING.)

Why would you sit for 10 weeks in a classroom listening to someone read you notes UNLESS SOMEONE IS PAYING YOU TO?! This isn't the 1980s anymore-- there are more modern ways to learn than that, and PolygraphAcademy.com will show you. If you are a disciplined self-starter, and you are a leader (not a follower), let's talk soon. We have lots of great materials, seminars, and other polygraph training that is affordable and can be done around YOUR work schedule. Accelerated weekend 'bootcamp' polygraph training is also available. We do not sell equipment, nor do we get the $1000 commision that polygraph schools get each time their student buys equipment, so we can tell you which is best-- and worst-- to buy (we own models from all 4 brands and receive NO commission, so we give you the REAL info on which is the best choice).

Some training MUST be done in-person (hands-on), while others are fine by Zoom or other formats. For years, some polygraph groups badmouthed on-line training, telling you that only their in-person training was real: yjen the Covid pandemic came, and suddenly they said on-line was great!

If you want to start a polygraph business to test for the public, contact us! If you want a polygraph job at a government agency or contract to do their polys, go sit at a regular polygraph school if they require it, while that agency pays you to attend. Note: the public pays the Examiner in full before a test is administered. Another 'insider' note: existing polygraph examiners do not want you to start a polygraph business-- they like having no competition, and every client you grab is probably one they would have gotten if you weren't doing polys-- so don't expect the comraderie found in some other occupations.

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